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At Lincoln Pest Control, our technicians are fully trained, licensed, insured and certified to deal with a wide range of indoor and outdoor pests and nuisance animals.

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Lincoln Pest Control can help you manage rodent infestations. Rodents Safe, professional honey bee removal Bees/Wasps Spider bites can be painful and dangerous. Let Lincoln Pest Control manage your spider population. Spiders Fleas are a carrier for bacterial diseases that can be dangerous to humans. Fleas
Ticks present a serious risk to the health of humans and animals. Ticks The common house fly carries over 100 kinds of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Flies Squirrels can cause damage to housing and electrical cables. Nuisance Animals Birds

Carpenter Ants

In some areas of the country, carpenter ants cause more damage to structures than termites. They are difficult insects to control and can cause extensive damage to wood members in a fairly short period of time. Houses located near wooded areas or brush covered vacant lots are good candidates for infestation.



Wasps can be distinguished from bees by their smooth, rather than hairy, bodies. The discovery of a wasp nest generally creates a real sense of urgency. You may become anxious about the safety of your family, pets, and property, and you will have an immediate desire to eradicate the wasps from your property.



Spiders area common and feared household pest. A black widow or brown recluse taking up residence in your home can be a real cause for alarm, as their venom can cause a dangerous reaction. Most other species spiders are generally harmless to humans, but their webs can cause an unsightly situation in your home.