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Keep Pests Out in the Cold
There are steps homeowners can take to prevent pests from coming indoors on firewood, foliage and family pets, or from gaining entry through small cracks and crevices in a home's exterior...

Bedbugs: Coming to a theater near you?
Moviegoers in New York City are reporting being bitten while watching flicks. Why the recent surge in bedbug infestations? NBCs Jeff Rossen investigates.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat, wingless, nocturnal pests that can be difficult to detect. They feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Bed bugs are extremely thin which allows them to hide in tight, narrow spaces such as under carpets, inside mattress seams, behind baseboards or even in loose wallpaper.



Squirrels are considered a household pest because they frequently enter attics to nest in the colder months of winter. While they rarely pose a physical threat to homeowners, these nuisance animals can cause considerable damage to insulation, electrical wiring, and telephone cables.



Cockroaches can cause serious problems with not only contamination of food, but also are responsible for worsening asthma in those who suffer from the disease or are sensitive to the cockroach allergens. Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and then walk around our homes tracking in lots of bacteria and germs