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Our vehicles are out and about in town helping you rid yourself of what bugs you. Take a look at the line of vehicles we have serving our clients.


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Monthly Specials and Incentives

Lincoln Pest Control is now offering a customer incentive program that entitles you to gifts and specials when you refer our services to your friends and neighbors!



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This is a very reliable and dependable company, attacking problems effectively and efficiently. I would highly recommend Lincoln Pest Control...


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Serving Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts

Thirty years of professional, family owned and operated, service to the community makes Lincoln Pest Control a neighbor you can trust. Our technicians are fully trained, licensed, insured and certified.

As members of the Better Business Bureau and the New England and National Pest Management Association, we are continually researching and updating the latest technology to determine the most effective and ecologically safe methods to free your property of pest problems.

Lincoln Pest Control provides freedom from all forms of destructive pests and nuisance pests. We are so confident in the service we provide, that we offer a full warranty on all our treatments.

We are proud of our history of honesty and integrity in controlling pest problems at an affordable cost. We at Lincoln Pest Control pledge consistent, effective and professional service.

Please take a moment to check out our new website. Learn more about Lincoln Pest Control. We have you covered, no matter what type of service you need. Any questions?

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Rats & mice can cause considerable problems including property damage. Rats & mice breed extremely quickly, so what starts off as a small infestation can quickly spread throughout the premises, causing damage and posing a fire risk from potential damage to wiring by their constant gnawing.



Termites can seriously damage the structure of a house or building. An inspection conducted by a qualified termite control specialist can provide you with the information and treatment options needed to control an existing termite infestation, as well as preventative measures against future infestations.



Cockroaches can cause serious problems with not only contamination of food, but also are responsible for worsening asthma in those who suffer from the disease or are sensitive to the cockroach allergens. Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and then walk around our homes tracking in lots of bacteria and germs